Luna Rouge (luna_rouge) wrote in denofdemons,
Luna Rouge

There is a Secret Forum!

So my thread got deleted for calling Chiba out.

I was demodded from the Marketplace and removed from the secret section of the forum you guys don't know (or do know if you were smart enough)

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I'm not butthurt. Just surprised in the deletion of thread.
Matt handed it over, but it was bound to happen anyway, I just didn't know that it had occurred.
Anywho I was just a mod of the marketplace, and I only stayed in the council caused Matt asked me to, I wanted out a long time ago.
It just would have been nice of some notice.
But what can you expect: new owners and new changes. :shrug:

Holy crap you were super butt hurt weren't you?
Wow. Just wow.
Maybe you should've been active on the forum before being butthurt about not being a mod anymore what the FUCK
Yes Virginia, there is a cabal.
I'm still trying to figure out how you thought this would make you look good/sympathetic.
Luna, seriously, WTF are you doing.
caps or gtfo?
And this needs to be on the LJ community why?
This is much less of a big deal than you think it is.